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+    Diagnosed Aug 2005

+     Bipap March 2007

+     PEG July 2007

+     Trache and Vent July 2008

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How should you react to someone with ALS?

This is a very common question. Lets say you are an old friend that just found out someone you knew long ago has ALS. You want to go and see them and you don’t know what to expect. What do you say? How do you greet them?


This does not only apply to old friends, it is a question I get from people who still live in the same town and visit regularly.


Your concern is a very valid emotion.


There are some things to be aware of.


Friends and family have a tendency to disappear as the disease progresses. This is very hurtful so anyone that continues to come around is very much appreciated.


God Bless you for continuing to visit!